Once again today I was aware of the pink ribbon pins that we all know help us remember breast cancer. Yes we all identify with the many of our friends and family whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Yes, the pink ribbons do serve as reminders of the need to find a cure for this deadly cancer that afflicts so many.

But let me share with you my perspective. I do not have breast cancer but I do have two rare blood cancers. One cancer I was diagnosed in 2004 is called Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia. The second one is more rare than the first. It was diagnosed in 2009. It doesn’t even have a good fancy name. It is just a T cell Lymphoma

No, most people have never heard of either of my cancers, but nevertheless there are people around the world suffering from these cancers. We also have a ribbon pin, it is white. However I think that when people see my white ribbon pin they do not realize that it even represents a cancer.

Of course the big thing in solving the cancer problems is research. The good news is that there is a lot of research going on. Thankfully there is a foundation that gives to research about macroglobulinemia. There are several cancer hospitals around the US that are searching for a cure.

When research is done in other cancers the scientists have found that it often leads to possible solutions to be considered by people working in less known cancers. In deed it is hard to see billions being given to some research and much less to others. My conclusion to these inequities is to trust in God who is the Great Physician.

Now when you see that pink ribbon or pink ribbon pin, think of the other cancers that are out there and remember that my ribbon is white.

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