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Happy 2018!

It’s about to be¬† the New Year 2018 in Glendale, California and we have some thoughts we’d like to share with you. We all like to celebrate the new year. It seems like it’s a commendation of surviving and maybe thriving the challenges that we faced for the last 360 days together. It’s a chance […]

Featured Opinions


The Replicas Music Interview

Recently Urban Toot was at the Dads’ Club here in Glendale, California and we saw The Replicas Music, Variety band perform at a very private and very VIP birthday party. The band was just crazy good and we got to know them a little and thought that it would be a hoot to interview them […]

Recent Spotlight


GUSD App ¬†Glendale Unified School district has released their first app. Appropriately titled the GUSD App it has all sorts of features that I think most families will find helpful. The users can filter the information that they want by choosing schools and district news. Once you sign in and choose the school (or District) […]

10 Reasons why Art is important for Children

When you visit a preschool it is essential to ask how much art the children are creating each day. At the core of learning is the desire to be creative, and children know the difference between true art and art that is directed by adult expectations. A good preschool needs to provide art through out […]

Package Theft

For quite a while now the city of Glendale, California has seen a rash of robberies and Package Theft in residential areas. People have been locating packages delivered to front doors and porches and then stealing them. These packages have been delivered from numerous sources such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc when people aren’t home […]

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