This pandemic has been rough on all of us but we can’t imagine the toll it’s taken on our frontline workers! No matter if you work in the medical field, the food industry, or many of the other service industries (just to name a few) we salute you!

5 Ways To Say Thank You To A Front Line Essential Worker!

Here’s a few ways to say thank you.

  1. If you have a friend or a neighbor who is a front line essential worker then consider just walking up to them and say “Thank You” for your service.
  2. A lawn sign. It doesn’t have to be a fancy store bought lawn sign. It can be a home made sign on a bed sheet, some construction paper, or even some plywood. The important thing is you do your best and you make it the best you can with love.
  3. A gift card. You don’t have to spend any money but if you choose to you could buy a gift card from a gas station, a coffee shop or so many other places. We suggest a gas card because in these days where so many of us are saving money working from home, the essential workers are still driving to work. Unless they drive an electric card they are still putting gas in their cars. If your friends do drive an electric car (and good for them) then a coffee shop card will be very appropriate!
  4. A tasty beverage! We all have our favorite beverages. For some it’s a nice peaty bottle of scotch and for others it’s a diet coke. There’s nothing wrong with leaving something at the door with a small note that says Thank You!
  5. Baked Goods! Have you joined the ranks of the pandemic sourdough bakers? If so there’s nothing like dropping off a freshly baked loaf of your very own sourdough bread at a friend who is an essential front line worker’s home! Dropping off a loaf says “I care and I’m so glad that you care about others!”

No matter what you do, I believe it all starts with a thank you!

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