Garbage in Montrose

Responsibility. It’s easy to point the finger. The City of Glendale should do a better job emptying the trash containers. Or maybe the local merchants like Froyo (many, many of the containers are from Froyo) should supply more trash containers or even better yet go outside and collect the trash. Or maybe, just maybe those of us who buy from Froyo (and the other merchants) could just walk a few more steps and throw our trash away like civilized human beings.

So yes the responsibility falls in a wide circle. It includes the merchants, the city, and yes even the customers. Let’s not forget that Glendale is a special place because we are a community, a community where everyone pulls together to make Glendale a special place.

The Alex Theater

Urban Toot - Alex Theater

A crown jewel of the the Jewel City! The Alex Theater is a beautiful, classic theater that is used in many. many television shows, local performances and classic movies. I was surprised when I saw the movie Deep Throat in lights. Oh well. Learn more about the Alex Theater on their web site.

Our Youth

Urban Toot - Youth

Are we doing enough for our youth? What do they need from us? What can we do for the young people in our community. Is seems like we could use some hope around here. Some jobs, something to do, more affordable college and how about just some available college classes. What do you think Glendale can do better for our youth?

Lights. Camera, Action!

movie lights

One of the things I love about living in Glendale is seeing all the TV Shows, Commercials, Films, Music Videos being made. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a celebrity in this town but I love the buzz, the excitment, the lights and the cameras. Plus it doesn’t matter if we are watching Will Ferrell streaking through Montrose, Eddie Murphey playing with the kids in Verdugo Park in Daddy Day Care, or the Sons of Anarchy crew in Montrose it’s always fun to spot your town on the TV or Silver Screen. Hollywood might be over the hill but sometimes it’s just around the corner.

What shows have you seen on TV/Film/Video that were filmed in Glendale?

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