Every feel like you have something to say but you just aren’t quite sure where you want to say it? Writing letters to the newspaper is cool but it feels so old school. Does anyone even read the letters section anymore? I don’t know either. Well what about griping about it on Facebook? Yeah that’s okay as well but only your friends and your 4th grade teacher will see it. Plus they can’t do anything about the reason you are upset?

Maybe you’d like to write an opinion piece on Urban Toot? We are currently looking for individuals who want to donate their time to write opinon and news events for Urban Toot! Just use the contact page and tell us what you want to write about and we’ll get back to you. Be sure to include a writing sample so that we know you are serious about doing that. We ask that your writing be honest, ethical and while you might disagree with something somewhere we want you to be respectful. It’s just good manners.


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