Well, yes I am, new in town, ummm…I’m just visiting for now. It seems to me that I just get over one crisis and another one pops up, completely unannounced. At least that what happens to me.

A few days ago I dropped my trifocals and ugh.. the lens popped out again. Please know that they were only purchased in September 2011, out of state.

This was the third time it happened in Glendale. The first time my adult kids did their best and took them to Lenscrafters in the Galleria. They were able to put the lens in, no charge. Yea for Lenscrafters.

The next time it falls out we go to Montrose. Yes quiet little Montrose. My dear spouse does not want to go to the Galleria, and so we start cruising along Honolulu. Oh my, right along the first block there’s an optometrist! So off I go.

It was Montrose Optometry. What an attractive shop with many styles of frames on display and several shoppers looking them over. Someone came over to me right away. She was most helpful. She took my glasses right away and proceeded to repair them. She put the lens in and even put some clear nail polish on the screw to help hold together. I was very pleased that Montrose Optometry was as generous as Lenscrafters. No charge! Yea for Montrose Optometry!

About 2 days later I dropped the glasses and out pops the lens again. Not knowing what we could do next I left them with my hubby. I didn’t have any idea how to solve this situation.

In a few hours he returned them to me all repaired, but they came back to me with rules. Since we’ve been married 50 years in a few months I knew enough to keep my mouth shut and listen. The rules were as follows:

Do not sleep with your glasses on.

Do not sleep on your glasses.

Do not hold your glasses when you’re going to sleep.

Do not drop your glasses any place.

Do not abuse your glasses.

Now I listened to him very carefully and decided he might be on to something. And so I pledged to do my best. I’ve worn glasses since I was 11, but have never had a problem before. I must conclude that Old Age is Not for Sissies.


Oh yes… and YEA for my hubby. I willing agreed to his rules so… so far it’s working!

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