In light of “Earth Day” I just wanted to share some quick tips for my fellow canine owners.  We all have to use those plastic poop bags to clean up after our furry friends, but I have some biodegradable options.  The website called “” offers several poop bag options and healthy, natural doggie treats as well.

Their “original poopbags” are made in the USA with renewable resources such as corn and are biodegradable. They sell “Flush Puppies” which are PVA bags that dissolve in water and so you can actually flush the bags and doggie deposit down the toilet.  I also saw “mutt mitts” which are another option to picking up doggie deposits and they are also degradable.

    When we go camping with our 2 Labs we often use 8 or more poop bags per day.  Large dogs make large… well you know.  It would be great if our canine community could switch to poop bags that do not contribute more to our landfills.  The dogs don’t have a say about it so let’s do our part.  Here is the website if you would like to check out the bags that I mentioned and many other cool products.  Happy Earth Day.

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