My husband and I are not getting any younger. I suppose that’s where most of us senior citizens find themselves. You know you’re getting older when:

1. You talk a lot about your aches and pains.

2. You have to take your meds along when you go out for dinner.

3. You avoid taking lasiks if you’re having a busy day and bathrooms may not be handy.

4. You really don’t like to miss the news especially when there has been a big snowstorm where you once lived. It’s worth watching because not only will you laugh out loud but the memory of it will give you chuckles for days.

5. Your Grandkids don’t know if you live in Canada or Florida.

6.You have trouble sleeping at night, but you can’t stay awake during a quiet afternoon at home.

7. The first of the month comes around in only a few weeks.

8. The doctors look like teenagers!

9. You know more and more people who have cancer.

10. You know more and more people who like to talk to and about God.

Yes, we are growing old. We have been blessed by God with a great family. We have no complaints. God is good and so we keep on living a life that’s given to us by the Giver of life.

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