1. We almost didn’t have one

Due to financially difficult times, our City Council wisely decided they could not justify subsidizing $80k in assistance for the $130k parade float.  Not until Rick Caruso, creator of the Americana, donated a “challenge grant” of $25k did the rest of the necessary funds roll in.  (I’d like to think this was good citizenry on his part, but it also may have something to do with plugging his own name and paving an easy road towards his planned additions to the Americana.)

2.  We’ll soon be 100

 2012 will mark Glendale’s 98th entry in the Tournament of Roses Parade.

Glendale first participated in 1911 and is the second oldest continuous entry in the history of the parade.

3.  Not making an appearance on January 1st

Glendale’s float will not be traveling down Colorado Blvd. on New Year’s Day, nor will anyone else’s.  January 1, 2012 falls on a Sunday and tradition dictates that the parade will instead be held on Monday, January 2nd.  A “Never on Sunday” policy was enacted long ago “to avoid frightening horses tethered outside local churches and thus interfering with worship services.”

4. PETA hates it

PETA is actively protesting against Glendale’s float design because of this year’s chosen theme. Demonstrations were held in front of City Hall and signs were waved that said “Sink The Circus Float.”  It seems PETA is not happy with the elephant design adorned with colorful anklets and collar while gleefully pulling a decorated chariot. They have offered up some alternate design ideas that depict an elephant surrounded by grass and are willing to donate their time and supply the people to help change it.

5.  Council approved it … After it was built

A large portion of the construction is already complete even though Council just recently approved the design.  It seems the Glendale Rose Float Assn. approved the design and authorized the start of construction a while back … and now it’s too late to change much.  This approval process will likely be analyzed and revamped for 2013 … providing we will be able to fund a float for 2013.

+1. It’s a *$@#! Elephant!

How does this represent Glendale?  We don’t even have an Elephant Bar, and it’s been many decades since a traveling circus rolled through town. While the float will undoubtedly be a beautiful rendition of some sort of elephant on January 2nd, it will still be an elephant, and has absolutely nothing to do with the people, the culture, or the history of Glendale.

Want to know more? Go to the city’s site to learn more. You can click here!


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