Every city in America is made up of neighborhoods and communities and, in this way, Glendale is no different.  From Chevy Chase Canyon to the Rossmoyne and north into the Verdugo Woodlands, there are a dozen or more distinct neighborhoods and each one is unique and special.
As a Realtor I spend time really listening to how my potential client wants to live and I pair them up with a neighborhood to suit their needs.  Are they busy executives who eat out a lot?  Downtown might be their ticket.  Perhaps they are more urban non-conformist with a penchant for views.  Adams Hill might be the place for them.  Great schools, lots of kids and a close sense of community a priority?  I might emphasize the Verdugo Woodlands.
A neighborhood that I recommend often is Northwest Glendale.  This area is particularly well suited to those who work in the entertainment industry but prefer are more family oriented lifestyle.  The local schools are performing arts magnets and the wide, tree lined streets encourage walks at sunset and lazy chats with neighbors on weekends.
Here is an excerpt of an article I wrote, illustrating how life would look like if you bought one of my listings in Northwest Glendale.
Let’s start with food (my favorite).  Just a short distance away is A New Zankou in Northwest Glendale.  This casual dining establishment features cafe fair and coffee drinks in an open and inviting atmosphere.  There are lovely patios outside and the famed Zanku Chicken has a counter right inside the restaurant.
Just around the corner is Cafe Ramos- casual Mexican food and a Glendale institution.
I used to live just one block from this house and I frequently walked over to Kenneth Village. Tremona Cafe is the quintessential neighborhood coffee cafe  and the French Bakery serves up stupid good pastries and cookies.
Lunch at Cafe Bravo! is also nearby.  I often call this place the best fast food known to mankind.  An exaggeration?  You should try it for yourself.
Groceries are a unique opportunity, as this home is very close to Can’t Miss Groceries In and Around Glendale. Jon’s on Glenoaks and Trader Joe’s on Alameda.  If you simply must have Starbucks there is one next to Jon’s.
Recreation is, of course, at “History of Glendale’s Brand Park.  Huge grassy fields for soccer practice, some of the best play structures in town, the Brand Library, the Tea House, Doctor’s House and fantastic hiking offer endless weekends of things to do.

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