These pictures were taken this week after Urban Toot received a tip that the City was receiving water deliveries from Sparkletts.

Urban Toot asks the question. Why does the city spend tax dollars on buying bottled water instead of drinking water from the tap? Is this a wise use of public money? Why doesn’t the City of Glendale refill water bottles from the tap?

The Glendale Water and Power web site says:

 Over the years, Glendale Water & Power customers have known that they can count on having excellent water quality and water reliability. Each year, GWP sends a water quality report to every customer in the city. Consistently, these reports show that Glendale water meets and, in many instances, surpasses all federal and state drinking water standards.

Urban Toot asks, if it’s so good why don’t they drink their own Water?

Urban Toot called Glendale Water and Power. We identified ourselves and asked for a call back because we had some questions but our call was never returned.  Perhaps here is a good reason. We’d like to know.

We welcome and invite everyone including the city to leave a comment on this below.

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