Confessions of a Pizza Snob

I’ve now lived in Glendale 25 years, and as of May it will be 30 years in California. I was born and raised in New Jersey, and if you know anything about the people of New Jersey (excluding exaggerated reality TV shows) it is that we take our food, especially pizza, very seriously. The crust should be thin and have some crispness to it. Toppings consist of any or a combination of the following: cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green pepper, onion. PERIOD. The mere mention of Hawaiian pineapple pizza triggers my gag reflex. Fruit has no place on or near a respectable pizza. The addition of “gourmet” meats such as chicken or ham is not at all repulsive, but if you want chicken or ham and cheese on bread, go eat a sandwich. A fancy-schmancy 10″ circle of baked dough with toppings is called an appetizer. Real pizza should yield 6-8 respectable slices, and still leave room for a side of pasta and/or salad.

Over these past 30 years, I have been on the hunt for good California pizza, and I must confess it has been a herculean quest. Most often my disappointment lies with the crust. I’ve been told the “problem” is the water. I’m not sure if there are too many or not enough minerals in Southern California water, nonetheless, I’ve tolerated soft, doughy pizza crust, while not unpalatable, simply isn’t the pizza I long for.

Now the good news. It’s taken me almost three decades to find, but good pizza does exist in our area. I wish my #1 choice was closer, but through sheer tenacity and optimism, my #3 and #4 picks are within five minutes from home. I generally prefer to eat at the establishment because fresh out-of-the-oven pizza is always better than one that has to be reheated.

1. North End Pizzeria – Burbank

2. Vito’s – West Hollywood

3. Giuseppe’s – Montrose

4. Rocky’s – Glendale * Rocky’s Gourmet Pizza

* I am acknowledging Rocky’s, located across from Verdugo Park on Canada Blvd., for its excellent taste even though its crust is the soft variety, and it’s really close to home.




  1. What no Two Guys??!!!!

  2. What about Fratelli’s Pizza & Deli in Montrose?

    • When I say I’m a snob, I’m not kidding. Fratelli’s is awful. What next…Guidos??? I have standards here 🙂

      I will give honorable mention to Georgee’s in La Canada – again, the crust is way too soft for me to call it “blissful”, but the taste is very good.

      • Fratelli’s awful? I think you’ve been in Cali too long! What other pizza can you fold a slice when you hold it?Sue it’s not NY Pizza but its at the top of the local game. Just a touch too doughy!

        • Personal taste, as you know, is subjective. There are flavors that trigger the brain to say “Yum” and “Yuck” . There’s a certain savory flavor in pizza that says “yum” for me and it’s mainly about the sauce and crust. If you like Fratelli’s, I won’t argue with you, but it doesn’t have enough garlic and has a undefinable sweetness that says “yuck” to me. If you have never tried North End, please give it a shot – they even sell by the slice, which is another California rarity – and then let me know what you think.

  3. Casa Bianca in eagle rock is the best pizza in Los Angeles County : hands down!

  4. My family was trying to decide where to order pizza from tonight .. and then I remembered this great post! Just ordered from Guiseppe’s … it better be good Annie! : )

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