Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a sidewalk! You see my kids walk to school every day and the last block before they get to their school, the street doesn’t have any sidewalks. Now I’m sure that you must think that we live out in the sticks but the truth is that we live here in Glendale, California and while most of the city enjoys a nice sidewalk my kids and I don’t.

Santa, I don’t want you to think I’m greedy or selfish. I only need a sidewalk the length of three or four houses. I promise, I promise, I promise I’ll let all the other 700 kids who go to my kids school use it. I don’t want it just for me. I want it for my entire community! While I do think it would be cool to do some sidewalk chalk art, its not the real reason why I want it for my kids.

The real reason is that I don’t want my kids to get hit by a car as they walk to school. You see my kids have to walk on the busy road without any sidewalks. There are lots of parents who are busy dropping off their kids and they don’t always have time to drive slowly and carefully. I understand that many of the parents are running late and its too difficult to talk on the phone, apply makeup, shave, and eat a breakfast sandwich AND DRIVE CAREFULLY!

Santa everyone tells me that they are broke. Everyone says that they can’t afford to get me a sidewalk. Can you bring me a sidewalk Santa? I’ll leave you the good cookies and the really big glass of milk!

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