Get Grounded!

I recently walked into the Starbucks in Frog Alley and saw the sign for Free Grounds for your Garden and what did I see? Free Grounds for your Garden! Now that’s an offer any good composer can’t resist! What I didn’t know is that Starbucks has this environmental program that tries to make each store more green!

Here is What Starbucks has to say:


Grounds for Your Garden, introduced in 1995, provides interested customers with complimentary five-pound (2.27-kilogram) bags of soil-enriching coffee grounds. Where commercial composting is available, many stores are able to divert any remaining coffee grounds and food waste from the landfill as well.

Are you new to composting? Here are some quick tips:

1. Don’t compost meat, bones, poop, things with chemicals, etc. The meat, bones etc will attract rodents and other yucky things.

2. Do compost grass clippings, leaves, egg shells, coffee grounds, veggie peels, etc.

3. Worms are good! Welcome the worms to your compost!

4. Compost won’t stink if you give it air. When it’s outside turn it out wit a shovel, poke holes with a stick. Just let it breathe!

5. Compost is good for your soil. Mix it with your existing dirt and it will help kill the weeds and make the crops grow higher.

Steve O’Bryan is a resident of Glendale who loves where he lives. He runs Smack Smog Inc a Strategic Content company that helps Organizations reach their goals via the Internet and Social Media. He has a crazy love of composting that he developed when he lived in the crazy province of Manitoba. 

Coffee, Computer and Coyote Craziness

Egads, Another Coffee House In Montrose

How much coffee do we really need?  The idea of Starbucks wanting to add a location on the corner of Ocean View and Honolulu is simply ridiculous.  Not only is there the well established business of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf directly across the street, but there is also Black Cow, City Hall, and Java Brew.  All of these businesses are within the few short blocks of the Montrose Shopping Park.  Next thing you know they’ll be wanting to add another sushi bar.

Computers Stolen From Freemont

When a common thief doesn’t even have the decency to refrain from burglarizing and elementary school he/she crosses over in to the realm of completely repulsive professions.  Unless they have been living in a bubble, in which case they probably wouldn’t need all of the ten computers they stole and most likely won’t be able to acquire a wifi signal, they have to know that our schools have already been hit hard enough by continual government cutbacks.  Yes, insurance will cover the replacement costs, but it will do nothing to keep us from feeling that our children’s educations have been violated yet again … but on a whole new level.

County Coyote Killings

Los Angeles County has rationalized that a pack of coyotes who took up residence in a burned out home in the foothills will be euthanized.  They have decided that this is more humane than relocating them.  (I don’t get it either)  But first they are allowing a media circus to take place on the street in front of the home.  I’m hoping the coyotes decide to flee from the glare of the paparazzi’s lights and cameras, as so many celebrities usually do, before the County gets a chance to carry out their death sentence.

Coyote Update:  A Reprieve

Plan A was to trap the coyotes, euthanize them, and then tear down the house.  Now, after many many complaints, the County is moving forward with Plan B.  They will tear down the house and encourage the coyotes to relocate.

And why didn’t they try this more logical plan in the first place?

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