Trolly Car at the Americana!

Glendale is home to lots of wonderful things and one of them is the free trolly ride at the Americana. While it only takes a few minutes to complete the entire loop of the Americana route boys and girls and children of all ages enjoy riding this free trolly car. This is just another great thing that we love about Glendale!

View from Mt.Thom above Glendale, California

Glendale is a really beautiful place. It has a small town feel but is only a few minutes from downtown Los Angeles. I really love living here. Here is a short video that shows Glendale at Night!

Video by the Atomic Eye > via Youtube

Short Painting Life

Glendale is such a cool city to live in with really cool communities and cool people living in them. Tell us what you are doing and what makes your community so neat. We are posting this video of Local Glendale artist Farzad Kohan and his Super daughter made a short film. I love the California lifestyle that we share in Glendale. I love that fathers and daughters are combining their creative talents to make such a fun, cool project!

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