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No End to Graffiti

Remember back on March 30th when we wrote about Graffiti in Glendale and about how awesome it is that the Neighborhood Services Program goes around the city and cleans it up. That way the Graffiti Taggers pretty much learn that it’s useless to Tag in Glendale because it won’t stay? It’s a great concept except for one thing. You really have to do it or it doesn’t work. In fact things only get worse.

How do we know? Because they have become worse, much worse.

Not only is the Graffiti that we reported to you on March 30th still right there on the path that many school children take when they walk to school but it’s also spread to the Wash where it’s bigger and more of any eyesore!

We originally contacted the city via the graffiti removal web form told about the problem, identified where the problem was and we received a response from John J. Brownell, Senior Neighborhood Services Supervisor that said;

Thanks for the request.  It will be scheduled for follow-up. – John J. Brownell

Guess what? They haven’t done anything. Not one thing to clean this up. It’s been over a month and nothing. Shame on you City of Glendale. Clean up your city!

Graffiti in Glendale


These photos of graffiti were taken this past week of March 25th in North East Glendale. They were reported to the Neighborhood Services Program. Let’s see how long it takes to be rid of it? Glendale is an amazing community. Let’s not allow graffiti to set hold. Report it ASAP to the City via the Neighborhood Services Program.

City Council Graffiti Policy

Report Graffiti



8 Things that make me wonder what’s going on in Glendale?


  1. The City of Glendale has begun the process to stop rental subsidies that are found in Section 8.
  2. Gangs from outside of Glendale are burgling our City.
  3. The City Council has approved an increase in water rates.
  4. Palate the uber fancy, restaurant in downtown Glendale has apparently shut down.
  5. Graffiti appears to be on the rise.
  6.  Glendale has an overabundance of office space that is vacant.
  7. $1 million in education dollars for the Early Education and Extended Learning Program has been slashed to the chagrin of 2600 students.
  8. Herion is being sold in Glendale and one of it’s users has even driven into a Police Officer.

What’s going on Glendale?

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