8 Things that make me wonder what’s going on in Glendale?


  1. The City of Glendale has begun the process to stop rental subsidies that are found in Section 8.
  2. Gangs from outside of Glendale are burgling our City.
  3. The City Council has approved an increase in water rates.
  4. Palate the uber fancy, restaurant in downtown Glendale has apparently shut down.
  5. Graffiti appears to be on the rise.
  6.  Glendale has an overabundance of office space that is vacant.
  7. $1 million in education dollars for the Early Education and Extended Learning Program has been slashed to the chagrin of 2600 students.
  8. Herion is being sold in Glendale and one of it’s users has even driven into a Police Officer.

What’s going on Glendale?

Dear City Council

This is the best thing from Glendale since George Lucas! Oh wait he’s from Modesto.

Smart Meters

Last week we wrote about Glendale Water and Power, smart meters and the unresponsiveness of our government. We ran across a local video about Glendale Water and Power installing a Smart Meter at a private residence and the people living in the home not happy about it and then becoming sick. Urban Toot doesn’t have an opinion if Smart Meters cause illness. We really aren’t qualified (although we do find it interesting). What we do think is that when the citizens aren’t happy the local government should listen to the people and make them happy.

I was recently in a Third Grade classroom where the lesson was about Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address. While I’m sure that you’ve heard it before I’ll mention it again.

and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Let’s hope that the utility companies of the world remember that they are part of our local government. Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Perhaps the utility companies should adopt a philosophy along the lines of:

Utility Companies of the People, By the People, For the People,

It’s crazy but it’s an idea that might just work!

Oh and on the video they reference Glendale Action the website

Voice of the People

I don’t understand. Glendale Water and Power said that the Smart Meter’s would:

  • make our lives better.
  • we would be able to better identify areas of waste.
  • ( implied) we would be patriotic by following President Obama’s plan for a Greener Utility environment.

I don’t know anyone who has had their utility bill decrease. Everyone I know has had their Utility bills increase.( Sure it’s not a scientific survey but then I don’t live my life in a scientific survey.)

Instead I live my life by viewing and experiencing the world around me. The world around me (many of the people I know) says that Glendale Water and Power charged more for the smart meters. Now they are charging me, and the people I know, more money.

Does it feel wrong?. For sure yes. Is it fair? (no. maybe, yes??) I really don’t know. Does it feel like, once again, the government is not really responsive to the voice of the people? To me it does, the voice of the public falls on deaf ears. You see GWP presented all this as a good thing. As the responsible thing as a thing that will make the world better. Now it just feels like it’s an expensive thing.

I understand that under the old way of doing things that Glendale Water and Power was still making enough money. From what I’ve heard every year the city took some of that money that we paid for water and power and used it in the rest of the city. I’m not sure if thats going on but if it is it should stop. If it was the people of the city of Glendale should get a rebate and an apology.

Will we. most likely not. Because who really is listening to the Voice of the People?

Silly me I thought that the money I paid to GWP was for my water and power. I thought that the money I paid in taxes went to the rest of the city.

Does it ever feel like as regular middle class Americans who live in Glendale that none of our elected leaders are listening? Does it feel like we no loner have a voice? Does it feel like all we hear is sorry we can’t afford that or that’s not the way that we do it? Sometimes it does.

From time to time Urban Toot is going to start pointing out times when we feel like the public doesn’t have a voice or a say in things. They might be long articles or short ones. We’ll have to see. But you can rest assured that we aren’t finished talking about all this!

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