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You thought you would never refinance again

Even if you thought you would never refinance again, rates are so low this week that it will probably make financial sense to do so – especially if you plan on staying in your property for a while. We are doing a lot of refinances with no closing costs right now. If this is something that interests you I encourage you to contact me as I can give you a good idea of your probable rate in a 5 minute conversation. Why not reduce your payment by a couple hundred dollars a month at no cost to you? And for our local community, I will donate $250 to the Dad’s club or the non-profit of your choice at closing!

Evil Gift Bags

Which evil woman came up with the idea of birthday goody bags? That is what I want to know. I would also like to know how her children turned out.

What’s My Price?

Let’s play a game!

Show of hands, who thinks pricing a home is easy? Who thinks it is only something a professional should do? Who thinks Realtors manipulate price for their own selfish gain? It’s ok to raise your hand, no one is looking.

In this Set the Price game, I am going to put YOU in the driver’s seat. I’ll give you the facts on a home that I am putting on the market and the comparables that I used to analyze price.

I want you to consider all the facts and take the survey – what price do you think this home will sell for?

The Chart


The Subject Property

1446 Cleveland (Click on the address for a full photo album) is a stunning English Tudor home located just below Kenneth Rd. It is filled with architectural detail and has a true Master Suite, Family Room and large yard with pool. This home is a short sale and likely to sell for less than a “normal” sale.

The Comparables

1451 Cleveland is just across the street. This largely original condition home has been well maintained and is light and bright. There is a nice, permitted, bonus room off the garage.This home is in escrow, list price is $595,000 and the sales price could be that or it could be less.

1331 Spazier is chosen because it is similar in size and architectural detail. It is sold at $670,000. This home is restored and remodeled and has a lovely, though plain, backyard, no pool. The neighborhood is slightly less desirable.

1342 Cleveland is one block below our subject home. It was a foreclosed home that had a complete make over by investors and sold for profit. It sold for $695,000. It was highly remodeled but lacks a family room and the pool takes up the entire yard.

Survey Says!

So here’s the fun part. Choose the price range that you think reflects the eventual sales price. Remember, the subject home is a short sale, so don’t forget to factor that into your price.

Take Me To The Survey!

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Glendale Mother of The Year

If you have a home with boys as I do (three of them to be exact)then you have a home filled with those square, rectangular, circular, triangular, pointy, small, medium, and large Lego pieces of all colors. They are great for the imagination and focus of wee minds. Over the years I have heard, “Mommy, look at what I made!” as they beamed with delight in their newest Lego creation.  A good mother would smile and beam back with pride. In my case I answer with, “ I made PEOPLE! Three of them. They can breathe, poop and fart too? Can your Lego guy do that, huh?” Mother of the year.

Spread Out!

It used to be that  would tell one of our three sons, “It is a BIG planet people, spread out!” As I watched our twelve year old walk to Rosemont for his first day as a seventh grader last week, all I could think was, “please don’t grow up too fast.”  Funny how that works, huh?

Glendale Editoral Cartoon

Used with Permission by the artist.

Coffee, Computer and Coyote Craziness

Egads, Another Coffee House In Montrose

How much coffee do we really need?  The idea of Starbucks wanting to add a location on the corner of Ocean View and Honolulu is simply ridiculous.  Not only is there the well established business of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf directly across the street, but there is also Black Cow, City Hall, and Java Brew.  All of these businesses are within the few short blocks of the Montrose Shopping Park.  Next thing you know they’ll be wanting to add another sushi bar.

Computers Stolen From Freemont

When a common thief doesn’t even have the decency to refrain from burglarizing and elementary school he/she crosses over in to the realm of completely repulsive professions.  Unless they have been living in a bubble, in which case they probably wouldn’t need all of the ten computers they stole and most likely won’t be able to acquire a wifi signal, they have to know that our schools have already been hit hard enough by continual government cutbacks.  Yes, insurance will cover the replacement costs, but it will do nothing to keep us from feeling that our children’s educations have been violated yet again … but on a whole new level.

County Coyote Killings

Los Angeles County has rationalized that a pack of coyotes who took up residence in a burned out home in the foothills will be euthanized.  They have decided that this is more humane than relocating them.  (I don’t get it either)  But first they are allowing a media circus to take place on the street in front of the home.  I’m hoping the coyotes decide to flee from the glare of the paparazzi’s lights and cameras, as so many celebrities usually do, before the County gets a chance to carry out their death sentence.

Coyote Update:  A Reprieve

Plan A was to trap the coyotes, euthanize them, and then tear down the house.  Now, after many many complaints, the County is moving forward with Plan B.  They will tear down the house and encourage the coyotes to relocate.

And why didn’t they try this more logical plan in the first place?


I absolutely love this idea.  It’s creative.  It’s innovative.  It’s thinking outside the box while still fitting neatly into one.

Parkmobiles are mini parks compactly designed with seating and garden areas … made out of dumpsters.  Yes, you read that correctly … dumpsters.  The residents of San Francisco’s Yerba Buena district wanted more park space and gardens.  The city listened.  While not having the physical space to put in permanent gardens, they decided to make mobile ones.  The Parkmobiles fit neatly into parking spaces and can be moved around throughout the city for all to enjoy.  Clever.

I would suggest taking the mobile aspect even a step further though by staging an occasional “blockpark.”  Sectioning part of a street off for a week with several Parkmobiles would create a fabulous environment for neighbors and kids to socialize, for a community block party, or for just looking out a window to a greener view for a change.

You can learn more and see pictures from the designers here.

Like being outdoors? Like biking? Like to hang out with the Mayor?

Here’s your chance to multitask and do all three at once.  Mayor Laura Friedman will be exploring Glendale, California on a casual 10 mile bike ride and would like you to join her.  Meet at Parcher Plaza on Sunday, September 25th at 8:00 am.  You can find more information about the event here.

Maybe Menopause

While walking through the aisles of the local Glendale, Costco, I had this thought: Should I really buy a box of 96 Tampax tampons? Am I going to need all those panty shields? I realized that at the age of 42 it is plausible that menopause may be around the corner for me and maybe I should stick to the grocery aisle for the 12 pack. Who knows?

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